About the House

In Mexico things can be different from what you may be used to at home. We have done
everything we can to try and make your experience in our home as pleasant and
enjoyable as possible. We love vacationing at our home and have spared no expense
to make it as comfortable as possible.

Some things you need to know.

This home is brand new and our family was heavily involved in all phases of the

There is a bit of patience required when using the hot water system for showers and
bathing. We recommend running the hot water in the sink of the bathroom you plan to
shower in. It may take a couple of minutes for the water to get hot, but it will get hot.
Once the hot water has reached the sink, shut it off and use the shower to your pleasure.

The air conditioning has individual controls for each room. The units are located near
the ceilings. The temperature controls are "remote" devices. They can be tricky to some
but not overly. If you have difficulty contact Sergio or Alberto as soon as possible and
they will show you how to use them. We find that once we set the temperature we pretty
much leave them alone and enjoy our holiday.

Do not drink the tap water. There is bottled water on site. When the jug is empty put it
out at the street and someone will come by each morning and replace it with a full one.

The satellite TV service is Sky Service. There is an assortment of Mexican and English
language programming. There are remote controls for the TV and for the Satellite
service. Again, if you have problems ask Sergio or Alberto as soon as possible.

The Jacuzzi on the terrace is a Jacuzzi and NOT a Hot Tub. There has been some
confusion about this. There is a hot water spout with hot water available to warm things
up, but it is not like the hot tubs you may be familiar with back home. It's still a great
place to enjoy a drink and watch the sun set on Cozumel.

Maid service is provided twice per week more is available at an extra cost. The pool
maintenance person will show up most mornings and take care of things with the pool.

Things to Know About Our House